I marched because i can. i march for my girls. i marched for my mother, for my sisters, for my friends for the all the other women who i haven’t seen or met. i marched because some couldn’t march. i marched for the underprivileged woman and the privileged. it’s called solidarity. and no, i did not march to promote abortions. if you’re one of those people who believes this march was about that, then you’re not fully informed. (being pro-choice does not mean we promote abortions!) i marched for unity, gender equality, for equal rights, and woman’s rights are human rights !! i want to keepRead More →

a stroll in the hollywood hills… and this view never gets old. paradise hues. there’s something about this place… something that lets you think that you are able to achieve anything… all your hopes and dreams and quirky little desires… you can do it! (even if, in reality, you won’t*)       los angeles and its paradise hues** this place… it makes you fall in love… fall to pieces… fall prey of… fall down… fall in place… and fall into a trap… but when you stumble, and you will stumble, it makes you think it forgave you and lets you pick yourself up and dust yourself off andRead More →

you can buy it at…. BUT… i know you can buy things at the store. …BUT…i figure, i drink wine and well, i want to paint something and i know these bottle will most likely be recycled but…. …BUT…i can use them as outdoor dining table candle holders…. so… as inefficient as it may seem… it’s not. our world is full of stuff and well… i think these bottles are curvy and pretty and i didn’t want to let these go… and currently i’m in pink and red and purple mood. my favorite color has always been shades of bleu…but i am a big fanRead More →

you can change your mind…but you can’t change your heart. or something, right? yesterday morning at the bike path i took a foto of bleu mustang. pretty car… hot car, actually.     an older gentleman standing to my right says to me, ‘you like it ?’ and , of course, i said “uh huh, she’s pretty.” well, for about 90 seconds…our conversation was as follows: i was going to get one. was going? yes, my wife didn’t want me to be unreasonable so i didn’t. oh, well. maybe another time? once in a while i go and look at some antique cars in the Inland empireRead More →

it’s leaning. right. whoa. i better gain some weight. or get more people to sit with me on the left. too much ‘right’ makes things tilt and shift and fall and crumble…and… …and my coffee , well, it will spill. please don’t make my coffee spill. don’t spill my coffee. grrr…i know kah-rah-tay. hee. well, i just need to take a more balanced picture. maybe view this from another angle. next time. or at least balance the foto… because my social landscape should be colorful and full of rainbows and well balanced…  Read More →

i wanted to tell you something. smoke signals dissipated. so i took a foto or two… and well, i made some postcards. dear person who lives down the street, and around the corner and over the hill , across the road, on the other side of the train tracks, and through the seas and lakes and cloudy skies, upstairs, (Hello, I hope you’re fine. put your sneakers on and take a walk. and i’ll follow you. put your music on… in your ears or in your mind , and take a walk. and i’ll follow you) oh, wow, the mornings, here , are lovely. full ofRead More →

and , just because i’m thinking about you , doesn’t mean i should tell you. but… i’m sure you’re smiling… probably. but… just because you’re smiling, doesn’t mean you should tell me.   but if you’re not smiling…i won’t point to the corners of my mouth, (like charlie chaplin , and not to mention  Mr Zeta, who used to do that when we were kids !!!)   Nope, i won’t point to the corners… i’ll just say… “Section 5, more speed, 4–7 !” and… perhaps… you like this ? SMILE and Modern Times  ?? (a little video and some words – eeek i love it !) sometimes i get a kickRead More →

you’re told over and over  … “never wrestle with pigs…” but…you’re never told not to fly with them. :) This little piggy went wee wee wee…. Just an easy drive on Topanga Cyn and there’s always time to admire this little pig. I think this piggy has been photographed over and over and it never gets old… (get Pink Floyd out of your head, though) The pig provides a sense of direction. I think every town should have a pig. well, this kind of pig, anyway….this one doesn’t grunt and make a mess everywhere. ‘hey, where are you ?” “driving down Topanga” “Are you almost here ?” “Almost, we justRead More →

a little run and some backward thoughts… and a bit of homemade postcards from the chandler bike path… and it’s Tuesday and…it’s my favorite day. seems like all’s good. :)   sometimes i feel like i should send these out into space. someone will get them. postcards from lalaland…sometimes it can be paradise. i promise. :)Read More →

driving on Box Cyn Road. and leaving mecca , painted canyons (map)… on our way out of joshua tree…     CAHiking uploaded this video you can see so much! inspiring… wish everyone i know can experience how damn cool this is. :) take a lookie DesertNut uploaded this Ladder Canyon Loop Hike – Mecca Hills, CA, ugg!! love it. and how awesome is this!!? Makes me want to do this everyday!!! who’s with me???!!!Read More →

the things that bring people together. who knows?! who cares. if it happens, then it happens. there is no need to wonder why. or no need to force things. if they happen , they happen. if they get in the way… you move aside. maybe. sometimes things and people and places seem so far away. sometimes they seem too close, too. but i tend to notice the distance. i think…for now, i will look at the other side of the planet or the country as the far away as only the backyard. not that far away. just right there…yonder…behind the backdoor. :) i think… forRead More →

Here, in L.A, many of the people I hang with and know are from somewhere else. I like when i meet and hang with non-angelenos. but an angeleno has a special place in my heart. always has. always and forever. no matter where i am. still, i love love the passer-bys. The problem is that when you’re from somewhere else and you don’t make roots, you don’t really fully commit yourself to anyone or anything. not to the area nor the people. nothing. you’ve got one foot out the door. i think. maybe? i like to visit places and explore. (who doesn’t!?) I want to do that allRead More →

if our lives are parallel… …sorry, we can’t meet. make a turn …or something. hurry up.     One car travels on a lane of a two parallel lane dead-end-road that never seems to be ending and sees another car… Or something less confusing and more sensible… Or it may be just another faulty parallelism if they crash or meet halfway there. the cars, i mean. or the roads. or the other way around. or something.  Read More →

please sit and i’ll take a picture of you. sometimes i just want to take pictures of everyone i know. everyone. again and again. in any situation. any mood.     sit here, look pretty. what’s wrong? you look sad, yet so beautiful. sit here, i’ll take a picture of you. your hair looks great. sit here, i’ll take a picture of you. you look like your dad right  now. sit here, i’ll take a picture of you. you’re handsome while you shave. keep doing it, i’ll take a picture of you. you shouldn’t smoke, you know? but hang on…keep doing it, i’ll take a picture of you.Read More →

if water gives us life, then  what will give us water ? a little run at the wash. paused to take a picture or two or five. :) so warm out here already!Read More →

At the pier We,’re getting a little rain. we need it badly. It seldom rains , but, in l.a. , when it rains it pours… So , hopefully, this store will help our super dry region. So, on to the rain dancing…Read More →