cada loca con su tema

How to make your babies laugh or … how  to embarrass them…


current kicks are: stripe socks and rhymes.

poem: ( i’ve earned my stripes.. dammit!)
snap some silly fotos
sing a little tune
something something that rhymes with fotos
clean the babies’ rooms

i can do poetry. for sure.

I can also help the girls clean their room .. but walking barefoot in winter time is not good. so i put some socks on. then i found flip flops in their room so … i thought… hey let’s make them laugh …
In the background … alex and dani : STOP MOM! NO!
I think if they really wanted me to stop they would not have been laughing. I’m pretty sure they liked it. And i’m not just saying that. :)
and well… there you go… wear socks and flip flops together … at the same time ….not in public though.

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