bunny the horse

the girls and i walked  up to Elysian Park the other day (saturday 21). it’s a bit of a hike up there… with all its little paths and trails. so i had to keep the girls interested. ‘just little further…c’mon , you can do it, babies” i’d say.

they were happy to hike but it isn’t as fun for them as it is for me. not yet, anyway.  we made quick and short stop along the hike. we stopped and looked at mustard and thought …hmmm how can we make our own mustard.


we stopped to pet a dog named Oscar who befriended both dani and alex. that made them HAPPY!… walking with Oscar while his person was yards away from us. they are working their parents for a dog. sorry to say… i don’t want it to happen. i like dogs but.. honestly i do not want one. yeah… not going to happen. i think.
we continued without oscar and that made them “tired”and ‘bored” UGG! so i told them i was taking them to see “the beast” on the tree. when we get there they seem a bit disappointed. it’s a sculpture of a prehistoric bird. a broken pterodactyl. they were bummed out and really showed no interest but they wondered why anyone would put that thing… there on a tree.

here’s what it looked like previously about less than a year ago:


so we took a break over at the flower cacti garden.

break time at the cacti garden

they wanted to go home.
but i said NO!
then alex wanted to see if the tire swing was still ‘there’ hidden away…
before we visit the site of the tire swing i tell dani we’re going to see a couple of horses. and with that… she walked super fast.
we met the horse who was standing at the corner of his ‘stable’ and we called him over. asked him to pose. and he did. asked him to say cheese… and he DID! right on queue. and NO it was not a coincidence. nope. i don’t care what you think. he smiled at the camera… at us.
there were some carrots near by and the girls fed it. … then named him Bunny. he was sweet and when we left he went back to his corner. no foto (i was running out of juice and wanted to save my batteries for other things!).

so… we walked off the trail to see the swing. alex was very  happy to show dani this ‘cool tire swing that hangs over the freeway…”
dani got excited and we rushed to see it. nope! gone. only a rope hangs now. bummer! no tire swing.
Here’s what it looked like before:

she's a sweetheart

the swing, alex and mama

oh well. then we dragged our feet for about a mile back. i heard dani whine and complain…UGG! :)
i told her we’d make another swing…another day…
and with that i thought we were ending our bummer-ish hike.

then …suddenly … she wants to hike up to angels point. she is a moody one… this girl!
no fotos of angels’ point … no juice. bummer. :)


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