¡¡BOMBA!! (bombas yucatecas y un chevy)

walking with sandra… we saw this sweet ride…
it made me giggle as i thought of some yucatan jaranas and bombas (traditional dances and verses). i like these cars very much and they’re truly comfortable and cool but my mind was on rhymes…

WARNING: i wrote a couple. oh yeah…be ready. the talent ensues…
(translate it on your own if you need to. excuse typos (everywhere))
feel free to imagine some traditional southern mex. dancing…’cause i can dance.

ayer fui a tu casa
y andabas muy sonriente
y entre toda esa raza
solo vi tus grandes dientes

ok… you got to admit it…. you dig it. for sure.

hacer bombas es divertido
tan divertido como antenoche
algo algo con mi vestido
cuando nos besamos en el coche

ha! romantic, yes?

some coolness you might like. and more info about bombas and jarana

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