Dear mood-regulating neurotransmitter serotonin god, hi, it’s me… um.. Autumn is here. that’s all. Hey, the short days are here… So, are you ready? get that good music out and pretend it’s summertime by the lake. get to the grocery store and grab your self some oranges. get out to the nursery and smell some lavender. and bring some home… get out some candles and light up the house. the kitchen , too. laugh at everything. anything. at me, even. smile. a lot. snuggle with a baby or kitty or dog. take a walk. not on the wild side. just a walk. look at other peopleRead More →

“How the hell could a person enjoy being awakened at 6:30AM, by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?” – Charles Bukowski but …i mean, really- how the hell can we do that all the time? i guess it’s dedication and responsibility and all that… :) i gots me them bills to pay and them mouths to feed….but i’d rather be hiking or swimming in a lake or sittingRead More →

  I marched because i can. i march for my girls. i marched for my mother, for my sisters, for my friends for the all the other women who i haven’t seen or met. i marched because some couldn’t march. i marched for the underprivileged woman and the privileged. it’s called solidarity. and no, i did not march to promote abortions. if you’re one of those people who believes this march was about that, then you’re not fully informed. (being pro-choice does not mean we promote abortions!) i marched for unity, gender equality, for equal rights, and woman’s rights are human rights !! i want to keepRead More →

first we were in shock…then sad, then pissed off… it makes me so upset to know that this man was elected to be our next president… then i read this… i’m just happy i live here and knowing that the majority of the people that are in my life are not blinded by bigotry and hate. Joint Statement from California Legislative Leaders on Result of Presidential Election edit Wednesday, November 09, 2016 SACRAMENTO – California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) and California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) released the following statement on the results of the President election: Today, we woke upRead More →

what are we missing… …and, why has it left? and what do you want? these are not words of love or hope. for clarity. it’s a question about the things that grow. and about the things that won’t grow. anymore. we forget the good things and focus on the tedious and monotonous things. we lean on doing the things that earn us money to go places… …and yet, we go nowhere because we’re too busy earning money to go places. :) we focus  on the things that end without an explanation. the things that cripple us and leave a small wound. the things that linger and leave you lost with undeterminedRead More →

an apology note from an old friend made me think… what does “sorry” mean, anyway? one single word against a load of pretty bad actions. it doesn’t seem fair, but a seemingly sincere “sorry” can overpower ‘bad’ things , i guess. maybe. right? and, i mean, ‘bad’ ? what is bad, really? so… i guess it’s better to read a short, informal apology note– a surprising “sorry” , than to be illiterate. /sober sarcasm :) so, apology accepted.   waitaminute…. hmmm… (not that i am searching for one!!) but, i imagine there’s a treu art to executing a beautiful apology note. but, if you’re unable to do that,Read More →

I’m not fond of the words novice or newbie. (well, i don’t completely hate them but I just prefer other words!) i like the word beginner. I’m not sure that i’m a beginner at everything, but i like to look at things as if it’s the first time or as if it’s the last time i’ll see them. i like to think i do this, anyway. i like to start new things, ideas, projects…I like to be a beginner. this doesn’t mean I’m staying idle or abandoning and leaving things incomplete. i want to clarify this. And, I’m not using phrases like, “not today, i’m too busy”,Read More →

          … well, something like that. it was for about an hour, anyway– life was a bowl of hot coffee.                   fresh, hot, milky coffee.                             this little bit of time made me happy. well, many moments do.                       impermanent moments. fleeting moments.                   but, in retrospect ,  i wish they’d last a little longer and i wish they’d taste as good asRead More →

Sometimes i doodle on the “MEMO” app on my fone. i take notes, too. but i doodle a lot..with my finger… just for kicks and for …well, nothing. for nothing. Le Petit Prince. because,  well, rest in peace prince. and i like le petit prince… so this is what i had in mind when i heard  the news on the radio this morning that prince was dead. i pictured prince as let petit prince with the birds…hee. i like prince’s music. always have.   i like prince. and le petit prince. :) rest in peace prince. not sure what this was about… but it was relevant.Read More →

  (it sucks to feel useless…i don’t recommend it. :) why is that…we’re smart, well rounded and well educated people with back bone and history and a bright future and a ton of accomplishments…and yet we feel useless.. Gah! i call these my “milk jar bouquet” days)Read More →

Q: what did the stick say to the pail?     A: nothing. they are both incapable of communicating. they just sat there getting rusty and old. lifeless. unable to move on their own. simple, inanimate objects. ppppBUT …. if they had a voice, i imagine the stick would say to the pail, “hey, you look a little pale!” and, the pail would reply, “c’mere, stick, so i can hit you with yourself !” :) and the audience (the lifeless chairs and trash cans) would laugh and laugh. the end.          Read More →

there was a man on a boat on the other side of the sea. i stood on the hill and waved at him. i wonder if he waved back at me?  Read More →

there’s always room for breakfast. well, sometimes, there’s just not time for it. breakfast can be something to look forward to. you go to bed and think…hmmm… what am i going to do tomorrow? what exciting thing am i going to come up with in the morning? who’s going to like this or that? and what does everyone feel for? but , when you can’t figure it out… well, at least you know you’ll have breakfast. and, even if it’s not the most gourmet, or  the most leisurely breakfast and you find yourself eating in your car, you still look forward do it because, well, how else will you conquerRead More →

  this is a love poem for you to let you know someone loves you without regrets, without expectations, without pride. it’s only simple and genuine love. who knows where this love came from? or when this love happened? or how love began? love can’t answer these questions. in light or darkness, in public or secret. in a lonely house, in a crowded space, there is love for you. it’s enough that you are loved. and, when you find that this love poem is treu and only for you, you’ll feel a fire and a desire. and without fail, you’ll feel happy. or a littleRead More →

when you got something to hold you up… it’s comforting. when you got something that holds you back…it’s a burden. when you got something to hold down… it’s exhausting. when you talk and talk and hold forth… it’s tedious. when you give and give and finally hold out… it’s unnatural. when you can’t express yourself freely and you need to hold it in… it’s discouraging. when you wait, and wait, and you hold off… it’s uncertain. when you ponder and exhale and you hold on… it’s reassuring. and when things don’t work out as planned… you just gotta get a firm hold on yourself (and say, ‘fuckRead More →

in a waiting room…. you look at the magazines rack and leaf through old unwanted books. your eyes move to the ceiling , then glance at the floor. you don’t make eye contact with anyone else, instead you look at the walls but there’s no clock. you look at your fone and check the time. your eyes to turn to the front door and see more people coming in to wait. your eyes glance at the receptionist. you notice the artificial flowers carefully placed next to the real orchids on the counter. why would you mix silk plants with a live plant, i wonder? youRead More →