Another Day, Another Chance to do Nothing- happy national nothing day.

a little nothing goes a long way with some nothing phrases.

  1. sweet nothings:
  2. nothing to write home about
  3. nothing but the truth
  4. nothing more, nothing less
  5. (it’s) Like nothing on earth!
  6. money for nothing and the …
  7. not for nothing
  8. nothing to lose
  9. nothing to hide
  10. nothing to venture, nothing to gain
  11. nothing to ride
  12. what’s wrong? NOTHING!
  13. nothing is certain but death and taxes
  14. next to nothing
  15. much ado about nothing

that’s it. (i got) nothing (else)


more nada. some nothing quotes:
“I love to talk about nothing. It’s the only thing I know anything about.” – oscar wilde
“I am the wisest man alive , for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” – plato


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