an apology

an apology note from an old friend made me think…
what does “sorry” mean, anyway?

one single word against a load of pretty bad actions.
it doesn’t seem fair, but a seemingly sincere “sorry” can overpower ‘bad’ things , i guess. maybe. right?
and, i mean, ‘bad’ ? what is bad, really?

so… i guess it’s better to read a short, informal apology note– a surprising “sorry” , than to be illiterate.

/sober sarcasm


so, apology accepted.




(not that i am searching for one!!)
but, i imagine there’s a treu art to executing a beautiful apology note.

but, if you’re unable to do that, a bottle of wine will do.

it’s a culture thing. wine is. :)

if you’re unable to offer wine, or bring wine or mail wine with your sorry apology note, a wine doodle will do.
wine saves you and your sincere, yet mediocre apology.

next time you write a pretty sad apology note, think about that.

think of a warm, playful, yet, quite formal apology. think about your words.
if you haven’t got the words for it, again, wine is a good place to start, little fucker.


still, apology accepted.

/wine induced sarcasm with a touch of bitterness.

a (currently) unrefined wine drinking apology recipient




So... Nothing. That's it.

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