she hath wings

birds on wire

strong wings… that’s what she has. but she won’t fly. she ‘d rather hang on. perched.. sitting there with her congregation… making room for more to come. why don’t you just fly, bird? fly.  

facing in the right direction

alex on the roof

where are you looking? what direction …little alex. my baby is old. and …um…so am i. well, older. she is a little adventurer. i hope she stays that way… earth loving little sarcastic pistol. alex, adventurer. enjoying the sunlight …i…



tuesday today’s morning run (5) i knew i would trip sometime (7) i hope no one saw (5) (i hate being limited. gah! grrrr) but i can fall…through (5) a door. or a window. and (7) stumble and maybe (5)(warning: limitless haiku…) land at…

Childishly flattered


Nothing beats a sunset. Well, a sunrise. Or a glass of wine. Good wine. Or first coffee. Mmm the smell of first coffee. Or cloudy day with someone you really like knowing that the sun will be out the next…