an apology


an apology note from an old friend made me think… what does “sorry” mean, anyway? one single word against a load of pretty bad actions. it doesn’t seem fair, but a seemingly sincere “sorry” can overpower ‘bad’ things , i…

Haiku #13


  (it sucks to feel useless…i don’t recommend it. :) why is that…we’re smart, well rounded and well educated people with back bone and history and a bright future and a ton of accomplishments…and yet we feel useless.. Gah! i…

do not pass


there was a man on a boat on the other side of the sea. i stood on the hill and waved at him. i wonder if he waved back at me?  

Um, party of one.


there’s always room for breakfast. well, sometimes, there’s just not time for it. breakfast can be something to look forward to. you go to bed and think…hmmm… what am i going to do tomorrow? what exciting thing am i going to…

a waiting room

waiting room

in a waiting room…. you look at the magazines rack and leaf through old unwanted books. your eyes move to the ceiling , then glance at the floor. you don’t make eye contact with anyone else, instead you look at…



  behave the way you want others to behave. (kindness is always in st yle break down some walls and barriers. (big hammers are always handy) you’re pretty awesome. (i’m not just saying that!) take the stairs (elevators are…um, dunno)…

take center stage

...and that's the way it is.
 i am. 
nothing short of almost fancyful. :)

Well… i was thinking…Nothing big, nothing original, nothing that hasn’t been already said here and there and in other places… should i color my hair…?  i mean, my gray is really showing, what the hell?! but then i thought…i like…