besos y mas besos, cupid.

i love you when...

love love love… if, when, tomorrow, yesterday. love. love. nevermind… stop talking.. love me now or forget about it. you: love me when i make you feel good. love me when i stroke your ego. love me when i forgive…

XMAS through the sidegate

xmas through the side gate

christmas. ahem, please come home. they’re singing deck the halls… bleu and red and shimmer and glow.. all the lights are on, and it’s cozy inside and it’s smells like cookies and well, you’re invited. it’s christmas time. :)

she hath wings

birds on wire

strong wings… that’s what she has. but she won’t fly. she ‘d rather hang on. perched.. sitting there with her congregation… making room for more to come. why don’t you just fly, bird? fly.